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Salt Delivery in Minnesota

Step Saver, Inc. offers convenient and reliable solutions to all of your commercial and industrial salt needs across MN and its surrounding states. With our direct salt delivery system, you can have your salt brine tank replenished without the hassle of loading and unloading heavy bags and without anyone entering your business. In addition to our salt delivery, we offer services and products for de-icing, as well as water softener systems & reverse osmosis systems. Since 1995, customers have chosen us for their salt & water softener needs.

For the best in commercial water softener and ice-melting salt delivery solutions and quality water softener systems, contact Step Saver, Inc. at (507) 697-2057.

Reliable Commercial Salt

For all of your commercial salt needs, choose Step Saver, Inc. For more than 25 years, our salt distributing company has offered customers the convenience of quality salt delivery. No longer will you need to check your salt levels, order refills, and lug heavy bags. With our salt deliver, we do the hard work of measuring your salt levels and replenishing the salt in your brine tank—and at a competitive price! Our direct delivery system does not require us to enter your business making it convenient and secure.

Ice Melting Services & Products

Step Saver, Inc. also proudly offers solutions to de-icing needs for our tough winters. From straight salt to mixed products that are environmentally friendly and safe, making it perfect for ice melting at your home or business. It is available by the bag, pallet, and a range of bulk sized storage tanks. Our bulk sized tanks are a user-friendly option making it perfect for businesses to fill their spreaders or walk behind equipment.

Areas Served

Providing Water Softener and Ice Melting solutions throughout Minnesota and it’s surrounding states. Call us to check on your options!